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ThermiChef Universal Cooking Steel

7.00 LBS
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When it comes to a portable, lightweight, and versatile cooking surface, the bar has been raised. Introducing the all-new ultra-conductive Universal Cooking Steel, the ultimate cooking surface for home chefs, backpackers, and pizza lovers of all skill levels!

All Cooking Steel products are made in the USA from high quality low carbon steel. Made from a highly conductive alloy, this product outperforms even the best ceramic pizza stones or campfire cook tops by transferring heat from the steel to the food being cooked, whether that be a pizza in the oven or a steak over an open fire.

The standard 3/16" thickness is perfect for cooking one or two pizzas or a single serving of meat extremely quickly, heating to cooking temperature extremely quickly. If you plan on cooking more than two pizzas consecutively or are cooking burgers for the entire family, try our 3/8" thickness deluxe option which stores heat longer.

The Cooking Steels ship freshly shot blasted, but will need to be cleaned, oiled, and heat seasoned prior to use (instructions are included).

When seasoned, Pizza Steels offer extremely smooth low drag surfaces allowing whatever you are cooking to slide on and off the steel without any worry of sticking.

Get ready for a game changing experience regardless of whether you use your steel in the oven, on the grill, over an open flame, on the stove top, or even in the freezer. Cooking Steels is here to help you conduct the perfect culinary symphony time and time again.

Dimensions are 10"x13.5".