ThermiChef Deluxe Cooking Steel - 14"x20"

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Ultra-conductive cooking steel outperforms the best ceramic stones due to it's high heat retention and conductivity. Our low carbon steel tranfers heat quickly to you food, lowering cook times for a nice crispy finish - without drying out your food!

These steels are fantastic for pizza, all kinds of bread, roasting vegtables, cookies, and Teppan. They also work for poultry including eggs, and even pancakes for breakfast.

3/16” thickness is great for cooking one item at a time, if you plan to cook more, then the deluxe 3/8” thick Steel retains heat extremely well, and doesn't need to wait for heat to be replenished to the steel. But keep in mind, 3/8" steel can be very heavy!

The 1/4" thickness is a great balance between that extra conductivity, while not being so heavy that it's difficult to move.

Cooking Steels ship freshly shot blasted but will need to be cleaned, oiled, and heat seasoned prior to use (instructions are included).

When seasoned, our steels offer extremely smooth surfaces allowing your dish to slide on and off the steel without any worry of sticking.

Perfect for on the grill, stovetop, or in the oven. They even work great for breakfast over a campfire!


Size Weight
3/16" 14"x20" 13.7 LBS
1/4" 14"x20" 19.2 LBS
3/8" 14"x20" 30.0 LBS
Standard Version Weight:
13.70 LBS
Deluxe Version Weight:
27.40 LBS