ThermiChef Square Steel Pizza Stone

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The bar for high quality pizza has just been raised. Ultra-conductive steel pizza stones outperform the best ceramic pizza stones. Our low carbon steel provides great heat conductivity, cooking wood oven-like pizzas in under 5 minutes.

3/16” thickness is great for cooking one pizza at atime, if you plan to cook more, then the deluxe 3/8” thickness Steel Pizza Stones retain heat extremely well. You can cook multiple pizzas, but keep in mind, this steel is very heavy.

The 1/4" thickness is a great balance between that extra conductivity for multiple pizza, while not being too heavy that it's difficult to move.

Cooking Steels Steel Pizza Stones ship freshly shot blasted but will need to be cleaned, oiled, and heat seasoned prior to use (instructions are included).

When seasoned, our steels offer extremely smooth surfaces allowing your pizza to slide on and off the steel without any worry of sticking.

Perfect for handmade, frozen, or freshly prepped pizzas, our steel pizza stones will cook any pizza on a grill, stovetop, in the oven, or even over the campfire. Cooking Steels Steel Pizza Stones are here to help you conduct the perfect culinary symphony time and time again.

Not Just For Pizza!

Our cooking steels were designed with pizza in mind, but work great burgers, soudrough, and much more! 


Size Weight
3/16" 14"x14" Square 10.4 LBS
3/16" 16"x16" Square 13.6 LBS
1/4" 14"x14" 13.4 LBS
1/4" 16"x16" 17.6 LBS
3/8" 14"x14" Square 20.0 LBS
3/8" 16"x16" 27.5 LBS