About Us

After more than a decade of experience in the steel industry, we were approached by multiple customers interested in the idea of conductive cookware for the average home chef. After doing some research and making a few prototypes to try out ourselves, we realized how truly revolutionary the idea was and just how much better the products made our homemade pizza and backyard grilling experiences. After more than a year of research and development, countless hours of testing and evaluation, and developing the most rigorously thorough quality control processes with no expenses spared, we are proud to finally introduce Conductive Cooking - the highest performance conductive cookware available and 100% made in the USA.

It all starts out with the material which is an ultra high conductive alloy produced in the USA, and a well thought out design. From our Pizza Steel to our Grill Griddles and Grill Grates, you will notice a perfect fit and finish across all of our products as well as a highly practical design which translates to the best end user experience available today. All of our products are precision CNC laser cut to ensure the highest quality edges and perfect dimensions every time, regardless of the thickness and shape. The products are then shot blasted on site, meaning they are blasted at high pressures with stainless steel shot to remove the top layer of steel containing the scale and any imperfections from the production process at the steel mill. After they are blasted, we clean them using a proprietary industrial grade cleaning method to insure that they are completely free of any impurities and 100% food safe.

What started as a group of food aficionados with access to lasers working in the steel industry has turned into so much more, and we are all excited for the future of Cooking Steels. We know that once you give our products a try, you will be just as blown away as we were the first time we put them to use. Whether you're making fresh homemade pizza in the oven or enjoying a nice evening grilling with family and friends, we know this is going to change the way you cook for good.