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ThermiChef Grill Griddle - Fits Weber Gas Grills

$89.00 - $99.00

     Have you ever wished you could cook perfect hashbrowns like your local diner seems to be able to do time after time? Or maybe you have always wanted to be able to make the perfect smash burger like you get in your favorite burger restaurant. Well, you're in luck. The Conductive Grill Griddle from Cooking Steels is able to do just that and more, all from your grill at home. No need to buy expensive outdoor flat top grills, or even more expensive indoor flat top grills. Simply drop our Griddle in to your gas or charcoal grill, oil or butter the low friction surface, and enjoy cooking like you're in a professional kitchen.

     Our griddles are CNC laser cut from an ultra high conductive 1/4" thick material for a guaranteed perfect fit and finish, as well as an extremely effective cooktop. The Conductive Grill Griddle is able to conduct high levels of concentrated heat like a traditional flat top grill at a fraction of the price, meaning your favorite meals will be ready within minutes while having that great flat top sear you crave. Meats, vegetables, you name it. The Cooking Steels griddles will provide the unique flavor you never thought you would be able to create in the comfort of your own home.

Size Weight
Standard Griddle -  10.1"x17.44" 12.5 LBS
Standard Griddle - 11.25"x18.875" 15 LBS
Standard Griddle - 11.8"x17.44" 14.5 LBS
Standard Griddle - 12.8"x19.5" 17.5 LBS
Standard Griddle - 13.3"x18.875" 18 LBS
Standard Griddle - 11.7"x19.25" 16 LBS
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A Simply Amazing Griddle

Recently, searching for an alternative to my pizza stone, I came across this Cooking Steels website. After reviewing the options available, asking questions on this website, I decided to purchase a griddle for my Weber 670. The griddle fits perfectly and provides many more options to a very versatile grill. The griddle straddles two burners which provides good control of the heat while leaving the remaining four burners for grilling other items. Every time I fire up the grill I've tried something new to prepare. I made the right decision. From roasting all combinations of vegetables to searing ribeye steaks, this Cooking Steel griddle is "Simply Amazing".
Posted by John S., Oct 14th 2020