Pizza Steel vs Pizza Stone - Get Out of the Stone Age

Posted by Max Roszkowski on Aug 25th 2020

Pizza Steel vs Pizza Stone - Get Out of the Stone Age

When it comes to perfect pizza, the first thing many people notice is the crust. Whether the crust is too soggy and sags in the middle, is flavorless and bland, or cooks unevenly resulting in unwanted burns, the crust can truly make or break your homemade pizza experience. For years the remedy to this problem was the pizza stone, a simple but fragile piece of either ceramic or cordierite used for speeding up the pizza cooking process and ultimately resulting in a "better" crust. But pizza stones have many limitations and true pizza lovers have been looking for a product to take their homemade pizza to the next level. Lucky for you, now it's here. It's up to you to get out of the stone age and join the future of homemade pizza.

Cooking Steels Pizza Steel picks up where the ceramic pizza stone left off. Each pizza steel is CNC laser cut from a high quality US made conductive steel that conducts heat up to 20 times more efficiently than even the best ceramic or cordierite pizza stones on the market. Yes, you ready that correctly, 20 times more heat conductivity than a traditional pizza stone. No more will you struggle with the center of your pizza being soggy or undesirable burning due to uneven cooking.

Homemade Pizza Fresh Off a Deluxe Pizza Steel

Our pizza steel brings cook times down to just a matter of minutes and leaves you with the perfect pizza every time, all from the comfort of your own home. Due to the increased heat storing capability and conductivity of pizza steel, you can cook multiple pizzas in a row without losing any quality or crispiness quickly enough to impress even the most impatient and picky pizza connoisseurs.

Pizza stones are typically constructed from a material that tends to not only be very fragile, but also very prone to breaking when exposed to rapid temperature change. What this means is that not only do you have to worry about breaking your pizza stone on any given day, but you will also have to take extra caution when it is hot so as to not expose it to rapid thermal shock which would result in a broken stone that is also very hot. This is another area the pizza steel shines, as it is cut from a solid piece of steel and is virtually indestructible. Whether it's hot or cold, your pizza steel will never succumb to breakage from heat or clumsiness.

Grill Griddle for Weber Gas Grills

As if you needed further convincing, our pizza steel will also develop more flavor over time as it is continuously seasoned with each use. You will notice that the Cooking Steels Pizza Steel arrives clean and shiny. However with each use, it will begin to develop a dark and complex patina made up of all of the wonderful flavors you have exposed it to throughout your time together. A properly seasoned pizza steel, much like cast iron cookware, will retain an amazing non stick surface all while allowing you to develop flavors you thought you could only achieve at your favorite restaurant, right in your own kitchen, all while using nothing but common kitchen appliances.

Finally, the pizza steel is a far more versatile kitchen tool than any pizza stone. When you are not busy making perfect pizzas in your oven, our pizza steel can be used on top of a grill for anything from perfect Smashburgers on a Griddle for Weber Gas Grillssmashburgers to mouth watering bacon and sauteed veggies. Feeling like desert? Use the pizza steel cold for the perfect anti griddle and enjoy ice cream or fresh granita any day of the week. Pizza steel is the perfect kitchen tool for the pizza lover with an adventurous side.

We know that our Pizza Steel is a game changer, and encourage you to find out for yourself how amazing they really are. Whether you are cooking for one or an entire group, be prepared to impress time and time again with the Cooking Steels Pizza Steel.

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