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ThermiChef Indirect Grill Griddle - Fits 26" Weber Charcoal Grills

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There has always been something special about grilling with charcoal, whether it be the aroma that fills the neighborhood or the mouth-watering flavor the coals impart on your food. Patience and technique are involved with grilling over charcoal, making it feel like a form of art, and we are here to revolutionize that in a big way.

Introducing the all new charcoal series from Cooking Steels. Designed to fit Weber charcoal grills from the 18" models all the way to the 26" models, these direct drop in griddle and grates will change the way you grill over charcoal for good. Our grill griddles and grill grates can greatly increase the versatility of your favorite Weber charcoal grill, and allow you to make restaurant quality food from the comfort of your own back yard.

Our grates and griddles are CNC laser cut for a guaranteed perfect fit and finish and an extremely effective cooktop. Create the perfect sear on your steak or vegetables in minutes. Simply clean the steel like you would any new cast iron cookware and dry immediately, drop your griddle or grate in to your charcoal grill, oil or butter the low friction surface, and enjoy cooking like you're in a professional kitchen.

The indirect griddles are designed to apply indirect heat to create more of a smoked flavor on your food of choice. They can also be used for direct heat when charcoal is placed directly under the steel, but it will still allow for more of a convection effect and will cook extremely evenly.