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ThermiChef 14"x20" Deluxe Griddle


You asked, and we delivered! All new for 2021 is the Cooking Steels 14"x20" Deluxe Griddle. CNC Laser cut from a solid piece of 3/8" ultra-conductive low carbon steel, this is an extremely versatile tool designed for stovetop use as well as all types of baking and grilling. 


This steel has an integral grease trap designed to keep the mess away from your stove and out of the way of your culinary masterpiece. Whether you are cooking bacon and hash browns or pancakes for the family, this is the tool that every home chef needs.


Our steels are precision machined, and finished in house to provide you with a surface that is ready to be seasoned resulting in a remarkably non stick cooking surface. As you continue to use your steel, it will continue to develop a dark and flavorful patina. Yes, this product only gets beter with age!


Full cleaning and seasoning instructions will be provided with each griddle. This product will ship FREE via FedEx to the lower 48. Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam - please contact Cooking Steels prior to placing your order for a shipping quote. This product weighs 26 lbs.
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No buyers remorse here. Buy it!

Got to use this a couple times over the first weekend I had it and I am beyond impressed. I cleaned, dried, and seasoned it per the instructions included and opted for a light second round of seasoning. Cooked up some omelets using a glass top range. The thickness of the steel transferred heat to the edges of the cooking surface pretty good for not being on a gas burner. I threw it out on the gas grill later that day and made some smash burgers on it. The first round was fantastic! The crust on the patties was amazing and the griddle was heavy enough not to budge when scraping the burgers to flip them. I did a second round and was impatient; wait till the griddle is 400°. I threw them on at 350° and they didn’t form as good of a crust; not the griddles fault though. I have a pizza steel as well from CookingSteels and I am very please with both of my purchases. I recommend their products to anyone who is in the market. Don’t be fooled by the competitions flashy websites, celebrity chef/magazine endorsements, or claims of preseasoning with propriety in-house oil. These steels are good quality for a fair price.
Posted by Dylan P Smith, Nov 8th 2021